2003 Christmas Letter

  We were very fortunate again in 2003!
Christmas Photo

Pictyre of Loukos Loukos and Lucynda are growing up.
Loukos is now 2, and Lucynda is in the third grade.  Lucynda loves music, and plays to piano and is in a girls choir.  Loukos loves trains...

Thea, our last exchange student, went home to Germany in June  We visited her and her family there.With Reinhard's help, Lynde found where her family  came from!

Then two new exchange students, Julia and Ida, came from Germany and Norway.  You can see them above in our Christmas picture.   They have both adapted completely to California and are having a great time.
Lou had his 50th birthday while in Europe.Birthday picture

We went to the wedding of Michaela, one of our exchange students, in Vienna (you can see more at http://huszar.on.to)

 We met a lot of our former exchange students while we were in Europe, too...
Picture from Slovenia

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