Some about Loukos Links
My name is Loukos.
I like Star Wars; My birthday is October 14th. 
I'm a member of the Big Bear Expedition of the SouthWest YMCA.

Games page

Our family web site is here.
Here is a link to Yahoo games.
Here is a link to NeoPets.
Here's the Rokenbok video:

Loukos at Legoland This picture is at the LegoLand gift shop.
Here is the LegoLand map.
is  fun. 
legoland is a theme park
I  love  LegoLand.


Here is the map of Jones Gulch
Here is the
map of Yosemite park and the campgrounds.    Here is the map of just Yosemite valley.
Here is the map of Camp Loma Mar.
Here are the
maps for Manresa State Beach and Sunset State Beach.  
Map of Half Moon Bay State Beach (see map on page 8) and  Campground map
Map of Webster park and here are the campsites