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Welcome to the LScheffer family web site!

We are Lou, Lynde, Lucynda, and Loukos, in Ashburn, Virgina.

Here we are, as September 2019, May 2015, and Christmas 2008:
Family in 2019.
                That's Grandad in the background.

Family, 2015Our House

We live near the research campus of HHMI, at Janelia farm.  Here's the landscape building:

Picture of the park

Here's an old picture of Lou:


Here are all the different ways our names might be referenced, for the benefit of anyone trying to find us by using a search engine:
Lou Scheffer or Louis Scheffer or Louis K. Scheffer or Louis Kossuth Scheffer
Lynde Scheffer or Lynde Vonderfecht Scheffer or Lynde V. Scheffer or Lynn Vonderfecht
Lucynda Scheffer or Lucynda Noelle Scheffer
Loukos Scheffer or Lucas Scheffer

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Exchange Students

Physics Archive

Exact time from US Bureau of Standards

Lou used to be the webmaster for the Quicksilver Expedition (a father-daughter YMCA group, and the Big Bear Expedition, a father-son group.   Lou is ex-webmaster for the Sierra Expedition (a father-daughter group for younger girls), and still hosts the group.

We like to host exchange students.

Lynde is a volunteer area representative for Rotary Youth Exchange In the past she also worked for the exchange student organization Youth For Understanding.

Here are some of the  students who have stayed with us

Photo Album

Christmas Play, 2003  

Christmas Letter, 2003    


Lou is a technical review board member for the Allen Telescope Array.
He is an editor of the book SETI 2020.

Here are some of his papers, including Machine Intelligence, the Cost of Interstellar Travel and Fermi's Paradox,and Aliens Can Watch `I Love Lucy'